Kitchen Inspirations Part 1

So we bought a house (to be exact, E did) and i've been scouring the net for a month now for pictures of kitchens that i love for inspiration. First and foremost, i would like to warn you that most of the kitchen pictures that i am going to post here are white (+grey, black & other natural colors). Tbh not just kitchens, i love the colour theme for living room, dining area & other parts of the house too. Scandinavian sgt kan, haha. Takdelah searching for white interiors pun sebenarnya, cuma when browsing for house interiors, i really love looking at those houses with white interiors, very calming & simple just what i am aiming for my interior to be. In the west scandinavian style- white + natural colour interior- a combination of gray, black, washed wood color sangat diminati and i always see this style in apartment therapy yg dibelek setiap hari so i am very happy that i have so much pictures to drool over, haha. For me, i like something simple & clean looking, i love white walls & furnitures, tapi kena tengok keadaan dan kesesuaian juga, white sofa for instance is not practical. So today, kitchen inspiration part 1 here we go:

Chic & stylish black (or dark grey?) kitchen with to-die-for base cabinets

Love what they did to the cabinets- adding wood frames

Open kitchen, anyone?

Brass mixer & handle is stunning on white cabinets. Also love the backsplash.

Not really a kitchen picture but this dining area and a peek of the living room looks so serene & homey. Love it so much!

I love white cabinets but this grey cabinets is worth a share. 

Love the grey toe-kick. Goes very well with the cabinets too.

A quirky kitchen!

Very homey kan this kitchen. I don't usually like country-ish kitchen but this Ikea kitchen is a mix of county and modern too

Another picture from ikea catalogue. The whole cabinets must've cost a bomb since they're using glass on the wall cabinets

Ikea applad doors i think. I especially like the applad doors among others in ikea


Pictures courtesy of ikea, apartment therapy, my scandinavian home and instagram

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  1. salam & hello there!,
    lamanya x bersoaran. so kak lia assume u've completed ur MD , tied d knot and back in m'sia right? alhamdulillah happy for u.
    seriously if u want scandinavian looking kitchen, ikea is the best in terms of ideas. tp bleh je minta mana2 contractor replicate. me love white... but end up with earth tone instead sbb x yakin dgn kerajinan mencuci kilatkan dapur heee